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Guide: How to remove the carburetors on a Transalp XL600V

So, you’re about to remove the carburetors from your Transalp Xl600V. We did it to re-jet the carbs after mounting a slip on muffler and more open air filters, but this guide will of course help you whatever your reason is to remove the carbs.

Let’s get started.

  1. Remove the rear side fairings so you can remove the seat.
  2. Remove the screws holding the seat and remove the seat by sliding it backwards.
  3. Pull out the rear pins that holds the front side fairings. The pins goes into holes in the fuel tank. Just pull them out. You can led the fairing remain mounted in its other mounts.
  4. Shut the petcock and disconnect the petrol hose at the upper connection (so that you can control where you want to empty the petrol that is in the hose).
  5. Disconnect the vacuum hose between the tank and cylinder.
  6. Pull the tank backwards and lift it off.
  7. Blow away any dust around the carbs to reduce the risk of getting dirt in the carbs or cylinders.
  8. Disconnect the front part of the air filter house. Sits with three clamps: One towards the rear part of the air filter housing and two towards each of the carbs. Open the clamps widely and pull the front part of the filter housing upwards from the carbs.
    remove the air filter houseremove the front part of the air filter house
  9. Cover the opening of the carbs with a plastic bag and rubber bands so you dont get dirt in them.
    protect the carbs from dirt
  10. Open the clamps that are closest to the carbs on the cylinder side:
    open the clamps on the cylinder side
  11. Turn the carbs clockwise while you pull them upwards out from the rubber sockets.
  12. Cover the intake with something so you don’t get dirt or drop a screw into the cylinders.

Note that you do not have to disconnect the wires to change the jets.

If you want to completely remove the carbs to clean or rebuild them, you will of course have to remove all the wires.

Good luck!

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