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3 facts you should know about LED lamps

Here are some good things you need to know about LED lamps.

Forget Watts! Brightness is told in Lumen (Lm).

Most people have been used to check the W-value to know how bright the lamp is. You can forget that now. Watt speaks about power consumption. And because classic lights bulbs always were glowing with a filament, they were all giving approximately the same brightness at a certain power consumption. So we alywas thought that higher W meant brighter light.

Now that is not true anymore. A 10 W LED lamp can be as bright as a 100 W classic light bulb was. So we can no longer use W to tell how bright a lamp is.

Now it is actually better the lower the W value is. Why would you want a higher power consumption?

What you want is high brightness, and that is measured in Lumen, abbreviated Lm.

LED requires correct polarity

As opposed to classic light bulbs, a LED lamp will not function if you connect + and – wrong. Some LED lamps include electronic circuits that corrects if you connect it with wrong polarity. But generally, you need to connect your + and – correctly with a LED..

LED turn signals might flash faster

Turn signals should flash with a certain frequency. The law may be different in different countries, but the SAE standard is that it should flash 60-120 times per minute. When you connect a turn signal with a LED lamp to a motorcycle or an ATV with a relay that is fitted to classic light bulbs, the LED will flash much faster than the classic light bulb did. This is due to the fact that LED lamps makes no resistance to DC currency.

This is easily fixed by connecting a resistor in parallell with the LED lamp. A value that often works well is 10 ohm. Note that it must be a high power resistor, since 1,2 Ampere will flow through a 10 ohm resistor at 12 V. That means a power loss of 14 Watt. However, since it is only connected intermittently, it will be enough if the resistor can handle 10 W.

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